Some of our regular acts

Disclaimer Padstow Vintage Rally Committee reserves the right to change the programme, timing, or content without notice.

Galloping Acrobatics

Galloping Acrobatics specialise in providing flamboyant vaulting based horse displays. Their display aims to inspire, delight, enchant and excite, whilst also provide an insight into the amazing world of equestrian performance art.


From the minute Galloping Acrobatics enter the arena you will be mesmerised by the remarkable feats of gymnastic, acrobatic and equestrian skill on display.


Shows comprise not only vaulting at liberty but also lively commentary from horseback, skipping horses, exquisite equestrian dances and all manner of trickery imaginable on the back of a horse. All performances also contain high speed Roman riding – with a twist! With beautiful vintage inspired costumes, up-beat sound tracks and plenty of razzle dazzle, Galloping Acrobatics is excellent entertainment.

Musical Ruth

Musical Ruth

Musical Ruth and The Amazing Magical Mobile Piano has performed at countless venues and events throughout the U.K and Europe. It’s a totally unique mix and mingle act suitable for ages 9 to 90. It’s fun, daft, and side splittingly funny.

The Pree Hee Men

The Pree Hee Men and their crazy caveman car.
Take two potty cavemen and their beautifully themed crazy caveman car and mix it up with stone age music, sound effects and plenty of batty banter.  The perfect recipe for the wackiest walkabout act in the land.  Kids and grown-ups will especially love the prehistorical pet bird “Peep” who accompanies the nutty Neanderthals on their adventures.


elfic the jester

Elfic’s Juggling Show Hilarious…dynamic…spectacular! Shows of circus skills, madcap comedy and wicked one-liners, with audience participation, improvisation, mayhem and a little danger! Elfic combines elements of street entertainment and circus to create high energy, fast paced, award-winning entertainment. Audiences go on a roller coaster ride of fun and laughter, amazement and bewilderment. Is he an inept, bungling buffoon or a highly skilled, talented professional

Birds of Prey Displays

Ben Potter
Ben concentrates on the natural behaviour of these magnificent birds, and shows them doing what they do best – flying free – in the most natural displays of their kind.

The flying displays and demonstrations they offer focus more on the birds being the star attraction rather than the falconry side that many people follow.

Whirl Wind Aircraft

The first S 55 prototype new in November 1949 and was the first helicopter with a really usable large cabin which flew in all roles, both military and civil. Westland Aircraft Ltd acquired a licence to build the aircraft in which a number of modifications were made throughout the development of the Whirlwind such as adding an Havilland Gnome gas turbine engine. RAF squadron 22 was initially equipped with Westland Whirlwind HAR.2s until August 1962, these were later replaced by the Whirlwind HAR.10s from August 1962.

The squadron was based at RAF Thorney Island, the early Whirlwind suffered from low power which seriously reduced its lift capability during hot weather. One of its successes was the rescue of a family from a yacht that was caught in a severe storm in or around Portsmouth harbour. The three were rescued one at a time and the winch man, a mechanic, was obliged to wait on deck until all were lifted off. The yacht broke up shortly after he was removed The Whirlwind Har Mark 10 is now a purely civilian aircraft which has recently been refurbished (to be the lightest Whirlwind yet) and painted yellow, the colour of which it wore when flown with 22 squadron. The helicopter is now owned by Mr Andrew Whitehouse.


Dartmoor Hill Pony Display team

The Dartmoor Hill Pony Display Team is a youth run annual project from the Dartmoor based charity, Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony.

This years display tells its audience the story of the Dartmoor Farmer through a jam-packed 30 minuets of Musical Rides, Racing, Jumping through fire, charging and so much more! The purpose of this is not only for allowing the 29 children that are part of this loving family to be having fun on ponies, but also for raising awareness of the Hill Pony and it’s vastly changing ecological safety on Dartmoor.

Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony are dedicated to supporting all the ponies on Dartmoor. All the ponies have a value to the ecology of the moor, and are good enough even with a bit of white here of there. Shape or size is not important as long as they can do the job they have adapted to do; to graze and maintain the difficult moorland environment. Dartmoor Hill Ponies are the ones that still thrive on Dartmoor and are the inheritors of the harsh landscape that has shaped their genes. Unlike other organisations protecting the Dartmoor Ponies, we do not believe that a Dartmoor pony should it a breed standard of certain colours and shapes, decided in 1925. The hill ponies live on the moor and are bred for hardiness and temperament so they can survive and be managed and in turn, keep the moorland vegetation and habitats as they should be. For this reason, they are “true children’s friends,” and the basis of many future competition animals and the perfect tool for looking after Dartmoor.

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