The Bursary Fund

The fund will run from January  – December of each year.

The fund will be available to worthy causes or individuals.

75% of the fund will remain in Padstow or surrounding area.

25% will be for other worthy causes or individuals within Cornwall.

The fund will be accessed by simply writing to the committee and asking for funding.

Any proceeds within the fund NOT distributed within the fund year will roll over to the next year.

The purpose is for us to distribute funds raised at the rally to the wider community of Padstow and surrounding areas.

The bursary fund is reviewed and allocated to individuals or groups every 3 months. The committee will discuss all letters for request for funding and awards made on each application on its own merits.

The fund has benefited local youth groups, education establishments, health care organisations and amenities in the local community.
The fund only launched in 2016 and has already given away £18000.